Straight lifts

Straight stair lift are the most common type of stair lift installed. This type of lift is designed for a standard lift installation with thirteen for fourteen straight steps. Straight rail stair lifts can accommodate more steps but it will be important to measure the length of your stairs and let the installing company know when asking… [Continue Reading]

Sterling Stair Lifts


Serving Northern Virginia, MD, DC and Delaware we repair all major brands and makes of stair lifts including; Acorn AmeriGlide Bruno Brooks Stairlifts Acorn 80 Curved Harmar Precision Stairlifts Stannah Sterling ThyssenKrupp Access HandiCare Stair Lifts Straight, Curved and outdoor. If your stair lift is in need of repair give us a call at 866-271-6004 and… [Continue Reading]


Stairlift Services

We sell, repair and maintain all brands of stair lifts in Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland and Delaware. Is your stair lift moving a few inches and then stopping? Is it making a strange noise or just wont move at all? With years of experience we know how to fix these problems, we can get you back up… [Continue Reading]



Stair lift repairs should always be done by an experienced technician. When your lift needs repaired there are many possible reasons it is not working. A qualified repair technician should be able to locate the problem within a few minutes and begin the repair. Good repair technicians wil be able to service all types of chair lifts including curved and outdoor units. Also we carry common replacement parts or have them in stock and readily availble to assure continued operation.


General maintenance of a chair lift is good practice if you rely on the lift for daily use. We recommend a stair chair lift be service a minimum of once a year and in some cases two or three times a year. Some lifts require more maintenance due to the frequency of use, the make and model of the lift and also the age. Keeping your stair lift maintained will help prevent future problems, letting your lift run smooth and operating as it should.

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Not sure what make and model of lift you have use our stair lift identifier or give us a call at 866-271-6004.